One of our newest lures, this may just be the DEADLIEST. The PIT VIPER, is our version of a "Speed Lure." It starts off with our MAGNUM VIPER frame, but also ends there. Everything else is brand new design for SLITHER MUSKY TACKLE. We first use Metal Flake Silicone Skirts of Highest quality and maximum FLASH. Next we add Dual-Clevised size 9 MAGNUM FLUTED INDIANA blades. Finished off with a MOGAMBO  MAGNUM Grub. This brings our total lure weight to 3.2 oz., at a length of 11 overall inches. This lure can RIP! For those who have seen this lure "in the tank" @ Milwaukee Musky Expo, you know there is NO-WAY you can reel fast enough to get this lure to even LEAN to one side, much less ROLL like other lures.... RIP this bait, right through your favorite weedbed and HANG ON! Or, SLOW-ROLL it around your favorite dropoff or mid-lake humps and reefs in Fall for deep water MONSTERS! YES, it is that versatile. The PIT VIPER, only from SLITHER MUSKY TACKLE!

11", 3.2 oz., .051 SS wire; Dual-Clevised Size #9 MAGNUM FLUTED INDIANA Blades; TWO Size 8/0 MUSTAD Saltwater single hooks.

Retail Price: $20.00