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Orange Thang





MR-3 bullfrog

MR-1  baby loon

MR-2  duckling

Retail: $24.00

10", 1.65 oz. Dual Buzz-Blade arms with CLACKERS, .051 SS wire, Size 7/0 & 8/0 Single hooks. **3 Stardard Colors, Top to Bottom @ right: BULL FROG, MidWest Duckling, BABY LOON.


This is where our story gets very interesting..... Several years after we purchased MARV'S, I received a phone call from a gentleman in Indiana, asking if we has bought out Marv Kiley. After confirming this, he had a request to build him a certain, special lure that he HAD to have. He emailed pics of said lure and I told him I would need it "in-hand" to get it just right. This made him very nervous, as it was his last one. To make a long story short, we built his special lure (12 of them) and he said: "So i guess you'll be marketing them now..." in a rather sad tone. I said I wasn't sure. We heard nothing for that season so I called him an asked how things went. He enclosed the 3 pics of Muskies from 49.5", 50.5" and 51.5". We knew we were on to something, as more MARV'S followers heard this lure was coming back out. We received HUGE orders @ The Minnesota Musky Expo. The very next year, we received more awesome news of 2 anglers who tied for BIGGEST FISH in the Frank Schnieder Memorial Tournament in 2012 53 inches each, (pics below, video link: www.vimeo.com/ericbakke). Thus was reborn, the MUSKY RATTLER.

So what is it? It is the fiercest Musky Buzzbait ever. 9 inches of water churning mayhem. It is a Dual-Armed Dual Clacker alignment, with a 7/0 front hook and an 8/0 trailer hook. It is really a GO ANYWHERE MUSKY DESTROYER. This lure will crawl over even the thickest vegetation and the BIG MUSKIES simply can't stand it. Strikes are FEROCIOUS, but no worries, this bait will tame any beast you can find. Just watch the video...