After a highly successful debut of the prototype in 2014, with numerous 45"+ fish being reported to us, Tina and I decided it was necessary to launch the DRAGON SLAYER into production. 

What makes this thing special? We start off with .051 SS wire on a custom head, we add TRIPLE custom skirts with not only Metal Flake, but also with Metal Scale Patterns on 4 of 5 versions (FireDragon color has metal flake only)!! Next our design takes a whole new twist: Dual-Clevised size 8 Indiana blades precede a size 9 Magnum Willow blade. This special blade alignment causes TWO things to happen: 1) you get the dual-vortex of the twin Indianas, plus the Mag Willow "flutters" like a seriously wounded baitfish, instead of actually spinning as in other typical designs. Follow all this with a 6" Magnum Mogambo Grub and you have some serious MUSKY FIREPOWER! Trust me, there's nothing like it on the market and strikes are simply VICIOUS!!

5 HOT Standard Colors!    11"  3.4 oz                                                   Retail Price: $21.00