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One of the newest SLITHER brood, is the HOT NEWBUSH VIPER. Several highly accomplished MuskyGuides who have fished prototypes of this lure are very impressed with not only the design and quality, but also with how very easy it is to fish with. Here's the lowdown:

 We start it off with a MARV'S Standard VIPER frame (again a decades proven design), tied with generous amounts of highest quality MARABOU feathers in contrasting/complimentary colors. Add side and tail accents of MAGNUM FLASHABOU. Then we build it with Dual-Clevised Size 8 Indiana blades. The result is a lure of perfect baitfish profile and size with a new and highly different vibration frequency than any other lure. Do BIG FISH get conditioned?? Maybe, maybe not, but this lure has proven effective in even the toughest conditions. Tournament money has been won by this lure in prototype form already.

It's a BIG FISH lure that's easy to fish. No sore forearms here........

The BUSH VIPER will now be known as the BUSH VIPER SS, or "short-shaft." We have shortened the main shaft length by a full inch to even further enhance this baits' weed-fishing effectiveness. It also has an increased blade RPM producing a true BUZZSAW in the water!

9.5",1.7 oz. Dual-Clevised size 8 INDIANAS.      **6 HOT Standard  Colors   Retail:                                                                                                                 $17.50