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SLITHER MUSKY TACKLEis a company that has it's origins stemming decades back in time. A time when Musky Fishing was limited in equipment, especially lure selections. There were only a mere handful of lures out there even capable of having ANY chance of hooking and holding a MONSTER MUSKY. Some are still around today. Many have become extinct. SLITHER started out as a small company started by Legendary Musky fisherman Marv Kiley. Marv was blessed to live near World-Class  TROPHY MUSKY waters : Mille Lacs, Lake Vermillion and Lake of The Woods to name a few. The Muskies Marv was after were BIG....VERY BIG. Marv knew chasing true Monster fish would also mean using lures able to not only take the pounding of the fish, but also be able to penetrate the biggest and best weedbeds. Thus, MARV'S VIPER Spinnerbaits were born. They have stood the test of time and we still build them today.

Since my wife Tina and I purchased his company, we have gone through several changes. The latest is our name change to SLITHER MUSKY TACKLE. Our goal is to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We were formerly know as VENOM TACKLE, but after realizing there were  several "venom" companies, we decided to further distinguish our company and product line. Why SLITHER? Simply because when it comes to "heavy cover" situations, which is more often then not in Musky Fishing, there is no other lure type that can "SLITHER" it's way through the types of cover and structure that BIG Muskies prefer, the way our lure lineup can. 

One thing that has NOT changed and never will is our TOTAL commitment to developing and building the most innovative and HIGHEST QUALITY Musky Lures on the PLANET. We design, test and build every one right in the heart of Musky Country, Tomahawk Wisconsin. Every lure in our family, from our smallest MUSKY MAMBA all the way up to our custom KING COBRAS and LOCH NESS MONSTERSare built 100% by myself and my wife. We ONLY use the very best materials, components and hardware available. Marv wouldn't have it any other way and neither will we. Our motto is: if we can't build lures that are better than what's already out there, what's the point? Also, we will NEVER be a "Made in China" company. NEVER!

Tina and I thank you for visiting our website and would love to add you to the SLITHER TACKLE family and help you catch YOUR Fish of a Lifetime! If you have ANY questions, comments or suggestions, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us directly.

See you on the WATER,

Jeff & Tina Frick